Thursday, May 1, 2008


Notice I didn't say "good". I feel like I have a black cloud of doom hanging over me. Think I might be a tad bit depressed lol. I only have to get up one more time for work though so that's a plus! Maybe there is a silver lining in there somewhere today. I am going to lunch with a co worker and my friend that got layed off before me so that should be nice.

Jessica has church today so I'll have to drive her butt over there and pick her up. I need to get the stuff for the coffee basket for softball too so maybe I'll go shopping for that while she's at church.

AND I need to get some cat food. I was being stalked this morning since appparently their bowl was empty. Miss picky Sydney doesn't like anything but her dry cat food. BUT I finally got her to eat something else this morning. I opened up a can of that canned chicken breast stuff and she ate it!! So now I don't have to worry about her starving all day while I'm at work.Pin It

1 comment:

Dirty White boy said...

why do cats always have the same look. you know, like the king pin drug lord capable of capitol murder.

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