Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Electronic Age

Have you ever noticed that most people can do electronic "gadget" things according to their age?

My 2 year old niece knows how to open up an iPhone and play games on it.

My 8 year old son can hook up the Wii and get it going just fine (they beat the Sklanders game the other day. I told them they better be able to play it more after I bought so many characters for it)

My 12 year old can run all the electronics in the house.

My 17 year old can program wireless things to talk to each other, find the lock button on my Kindle so the screen quits flipping around and program any phone you bring into the house.

Me well I can work things after I push buttons for awhile and figure it out through trial and error. If I can't figure it out I hand it to Jess and she does it for me.

Scott knows how to get on the computer.

Today I was helping my Mom set up her new Kindle. She got the 3G one (I have a Fire). It took me forever to figure out how to show her how to use it. I can already see a lot of phone calls in the future ;)Pin It


Eric W. Harper said...

I'm more like the 2 year old. Technology is nothing to be scared of, but if it's not "your thing", then you don't pick it up as quick as the young'ens.

Chris H said...

Yeah, I'm like you, I have to use trial and error... and lots of practise.
Griffin is way better with electronics than me.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am surprised that I am not drawing pictures on caves.

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