Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Wednesday was my birthday so I took the day off of work. I still had to get up of course, to get the kids to school, take the dog out, etc. The animals sure do have a way of making you get out of bed.

The kids got to sleep in about an hour since I drove them to school (in my jammies) instead of making them take the bus. I came back and played around on the computer and watched some crap tv. Tradings Spouses is a great suck you in tv program. I pretty much never watch tv so it's kind of funny that one of the episodes that was on I had seen before. Go figure.

My Mom came and picked me up to take me to lunch. She had my niece with her. She was dressed like this:

Reminded me of Punky Brewster. Yes, dating myself!

She was just adorable telling me "come on auntie!" Usually she could care less about me, mostly because she LOVES her cousins. Who needs a boring old aunt when you have big kids to play with you.

We made it to Gerard's for lunch. I got an open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and maybe a tad too much gravy.

What do you think? haha. I also got a side of corn chowder but couldn't hardly eat it since I was so full, even though Adrian helped me with my lunch.

While we were standing in line the guy that buses the table said "Hi Julie!". I haven't been in there in at least a year. Amazing. He has a gift for sure.

Oh side note on lunch. While I was there (I used to work right down the street and would walk over there for lunch all the time) I saw the wife of a guy I used to work with. Nicest guy EVER. I worked there for about 3 years so we spent a lot of time talking and hanging out. His daughter even worked there for awhile. So I went up to her and said hi and asked how he was doing and she says "he's right over there". I had walked by him a couple times without even realizing it and we were sitting one booth over. So we got caught up. He went from being a manager of that little office supply store to being a truck driver. Now there is a change in careers for you!

We finished our lunch and then stopped at this thrift store on the way home. I've been in there before and actually asked them if they'd like to hire me to help them organize. I'm not kidding, I totally did. Yeah, they could still use the help. Outside is basically like a junk yard. There are a lot of nice things but they are outside, getting rained on and all in mixed matched boxes etc. I tripped on wire that was on the ground a couple times. It's like a law suit waiting to happen. Inside is a bit better but not much. Here's one (blurry) little corner on the inside porch area. It's like where do you even look?

Nothing has any sort of price on it so you have to cart it up front to find out what they'll ask for it. I didn't buy anything but I am thinking about a couple things I saw that I might go back for if they are the right price. Definitely not a place to take little kids into. Oh and speaking of little kids, the owner had  a daughter that kept following us around yacking our ears off. Kind of annoyed me too. Just leave me alone so I can shop!

After that we went back to my house for some cake (yeah I know) and to open my present. My Mom made me a cake this year, for the first time in FOREVER. I always kind of complain when it's store bought. She always gets me German chocolate since that is what I always asked for. But homemade is 100x better than the store version of those. So she brought my cake and a thing of icing so we could write on it. I used to do that all the time when I worked in a bakery when I was in high school. I just took over and did it. It was fun.

Not half bad if I do say so myself. I burnt my finger lighting all those freaking candles haha.

Don't mind my open cabinet back there. Sent my doors off with my dad to fix them up for me finally! It's not every day you get to be the center of attention (sadly Jess wasn't home from school yet).

Adrian looks a bit grumpy there. She just couldn't understand why her Grandma was hugging on Trevor. My mom took the kids over to her little place by me for awhile and Jess went over there after she got home.

Jess took this really cute picture. I just noticed when I went to take it off Facebook that she has unfriended me. Makes my heart hurt a little. Kids.

After Scott got home we went out to dinner. I'm pretty sure I could have skipped dinner and breakfast and I would have been fine.

We went to La Villa, which is a local Mexican place. It's our favorite and another place we used to walk to when we worked downtown. (We used to work down the alley from each other, that was nice!)

Flautas (crappy cell pic). Delicious! They have really good salsa and chips too.

I think Scott and Melissa look a lot alike in this picture.

Me and Jess and Mr. Goofy.

After dinner we went home and I layed on the couch. Jess painted my toe nails and then I dozed off watching Storage Wars. I'd say it was a pretty nice day!Pin It


Birthday Gift Ideas said...

Happy birthday,Great party.thanks....

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You had a very big day, that's for sure!

Chris H said...

F00K! Happy very Belated Birthday Chick.
Love all the photos.

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