Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Pinspiration

AKA getting rid of some more magazines :smile:

From Country Living December/January 2012

Here's the book on Amazon.
Forgotten Bookmarks has a blog! Pretty cool. I like finding things in books. Unless it's boogers or blood. 

I like these coin purses. Remember when your mom or grandma had one? I tend to throw change in the bottom of my purse and then when I get desperate for a Diet Coke out of the vending machines I clean it out.
Looks like the website doesn't have them anymore. Bummer.. There are some nice one on Etsy though.

I remember playing with sewing cards when I was a kid. Can't really remember who's house it was at but they had shoe strings for the "thread". Oh looks like they are sold out too! I guess if you're stuff gets in a magazine it gets sold out quick. Here's some cute ones on Etsy.

I like the look of these open cabinet/shelves. But I've got to wonder. Do you have to dust all  your dishes every other week? We live in the country. It's dusty. Probably not a good idea for me.

Woman's Day May 2011

How gorgeous is this cover? Who would think to put those pretty pink flowers with the green apples? Definitely a great color combination.

This asparagus quiche caught my eye. Not sure about the goat cheese part though. My step-dad's mom used to make an asparagus "omelet" she called it but it was really a quiche. Wish I had got THAT recipe. Totally unique and delicious.

I kept this scan full size so I'll be able to read the recipe when clicked on. They all sound pretty yummy!

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Huh, I've left bookmarks in books before... I always wonder who gets them after me.

yaya said...

I'm more of a bent corner on the page girl...and since I read while eating lunch every day I'm also a little food smear on the page girl. Not pretty! Open shelves would not work for me since we live in the country too. I dust enough as it is!

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