Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Murder Mystery Book Club Book

Well three cat naps today and I finally finished reading my regular book club book selection for the month.

Valentine Murder was a quick easy read mystery about Lucy, who just can't help but investigate who could have possibly killed Bitsy the librarian.

While I was reading this book I had to go find the copyright date because of a few things:

1.) The use of the internet is "new"
2.) Leaving her child in the car while she rain in to Quick Stop
3.) Cell phone is for emergencies only
4.) Stops to use a pay phone even though she has a cell phone in her purse!
5.) Her pre-schooler is suddenly old enough to not use a car seat.

So the magical year was 1999.

Those were the days eh?

Let's see, this time of year 1999 I had just turned 25 and was seven months pregnant with  Melissa. You know THAT was a good time. Since I was totally sick the whole time I was pregnant with her I was more than happy for the next two months to hurry on by!

I was an assistant Girl Scout Leader of Jessica's Girl Scout troop. Jessica spent part of the day at Kindergarten and I didn't have a computer yet. I had quit working on December 31st. My house was SPOTLESS and I had a count down to the new baby's big day on the fridge with what I had to get done by what day.

Oh and I scrapbooked. A LOT. I was on a mission to get all Jessica's stuff caught up so I wouldn't get it mixed up with the new babies.

Funny how this productive thing I call my friend aka computer has helped to make my house a mess! Free minute? Computer!

I also didn't have a cell phone, not even for emergencies. We finally caved and got cell phones after Scott saw a bum using one. Oh and he had broke down and had to walk most of the way home. One of our neighbors even drove passed him and waved. Yeah, he REALLY likes that neighbor now.. I don't know what year that was but I know it was way after 1999.Pin It

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