Friday, February 3, 2012

Take Your Son to Work & Dentist Day

Well with Trevor's day off on a work day I took him with me today. He did rather well. We started the day off with some McDonald's for breakfast (hot cakes and sausage for him). When we got to work my co-worker Eric was just getting there with some oranges and his new juicer so we got to make some fresh squeezed orange juice. Then we got down to work and he helped by running to the printer for me and making paper clip chains and such.  Eric's wife had volunteered to take him for a bit so he went to her house and played the Wii until it was time for lunch. We went to Subway for lunch and then came back and he shredded papers for another co-worker. I think he was sad it was time to go he was having so much fun shredding.

We stopped off at home for a few minutes and then we were off to the dentist for his check up. He had no cavities and a lesson on flossing. Not too shabby! These every six month visits are so much better than waiting a few years and having a mouthful of problems. If only I would have had a bit of dental insurance when everyone was younger. While I was there I made an appointment to get Jessica's wisdom teeth out. It's next month so we won't have to wait too long. She's been complaining a lot about her teeth hurting from them coming in.

Next up was a celebratory ice cream for the no cavities. His idea of course.

I finally finished reading a free book on my Kindle I started ages ago. It's called Ryan's Return.

From Goodreads:
Famous photojournalist Ryan Hunter has come back to a family torn apart by mistrust and resentment -- to the father who disowned him, to the brother who betrayed him, to the little boy who shares his features. Ryan, the charismatic "bad boy" son, has returned -- stirring up past conflicts like a whirlwind...and throwing Kara Delaney's fragile, passionate heart into turmoil.


Kara has struggled back from a disastrous marriage to build a new life for herself and her little girl -- a peaceful existence now jeopardized by vicious, small town politics, by her daughter's fanciful ghost stories...and by Ryan's return. Now nature's impending fury threatens to expose long-buried secrets. And Kara must join with the enigmatic, misunderstood Ryan -- to discover the truth that will save their families.... and to explore a dangerous, irresistible love as mighty and enduring as the onrushing river.

I ended up just skimming the last few chapters of the book. I just thought the whole thing was LAME! I hate book that are so simplistic where the girl and guy meet,  they have sex, fall in love, get in a fight, make up, end up happily ever after driving off in the sunset.  It's like a Harlequin. They all read the same way.

The good news is I got to start on my new book club book and I've already shed a tear or two and I'm only a few chapters in so I know it's going to be a much better story!

Here's to a nice relaxing weekend, I hope you have a great one!Pin It


Eric W. Harper said...

So I'm just labeled "co-worker"? You're funny. :)

Chris H said...

LOL at Eric.
I'm glad Trevor had such a nice day... you are lucky you can take him to work.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh, lol at Eric.

Eric W. Harper said...

Thanks Julie... aka JulieAnn... aka Jules... aka co-worker! :)

Ladies, Julie is my cubicle-mate. Is that word?

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I couldn't agree with you more about books like the one you've described. So formulaic and boring! Ugh.

I'm visiting from Weekend Warrior Hop! Hope you have a great weekend.

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