Thursday, February 4, 2021

Busy Busy

Good morning happy Thursday! Not quite morning anymore, I finally got through all the emails of stuff I scanned myself at work yesterday.  I only took one picture yesterday so here you go

Someone had put these recycle bins up front and every time I walked out there I'd catch a glance of them and think it was a person standing there. Weird how your mind plays tricks on you like that.

I managed to get all the newly selected applications in their fancy new folders and scanned all the stuff I needed to scan. I need to work on their letters now and then after the boss signs them I'll have to go back into the office to print them out and mail them. 

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Eric. We actually ate inside a real restaurant. Amazing!  I haven't eaten in a restaurant since last June for my anniversary when they had briefly allowed that before shutting restaurants back down again. We went to My Garden Cafe which is not my favorite but the food was ok. I used to get a weird salad they called an Oriental Chicken Salad that wasn't really what they called it but I didn't see it on the menu anymore. 

For dinner I went by the Mexican grocery store for my friend to get her this taco platter thing she always asks me to get for her. I usually have some kind of excuse on why I can't get it since it is kind of a pain to order it. It isn't on the menu anymore but if I can get someone that speaks English there they figure out what I want lol. So to be nice I got her one and one for us so dinner was easy. I had the leftovers for brunch this morning.

Still need to figure out what we are having for dinner tonight. Need to run in and take something out of the freezer..

Scott leaves tomorrow morning to go to Texas. Our friend Allen isn't going with him this time so hopefully he can figure it all out on his own. I'm usually the navigator of things we do and Allen is a big time manager type person who can get anyone to do anything for him so I was always like "Allen will take care of him". I know it sounds funny but he gets flustered easily. I'm sure he'll be fine. He should be back in time for some of my birthday dinner on Monday ;)

My weekend has filled up with plans already. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to have dinner (Trevor too since he's here), Saturday my friend Cassi wanted to do brunch or dinner, not sure which one we are doing. Might go look at a car with Melissa on Sunday and Monday I took off for my birthday and the kids are going to come over for dinner. I will have to clean up the house a bit before Monday's dinner so there is that too. Yeah! 

Ok off to go through this email someone just sent me with like 50 attachments. Hope you all are having a great day!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey Your bday is Monday? 36? 😊
That was a tough age for me....LOL
I'm going to have a bday in a couple of weeks, You can come over to clean for me too okay?

Have a wonderful weekend. BTW, I'd have thought those were people too when not remembering they were there. Why were they there? A

Julie H said...

@Peg, add 11 to that lol. I think because our building is pretty much locked down so that way they don't have to walk all the way through to get them. Looks like someone was doing some shredding too!

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