Friday, February 26, 2021

More Organizing

Hello Happy Friday!! We started off the morning by having the internet out but I think it is good now. It went on and then off again for a bit there.

Yesterday I binge watched this show Ginny & Georgia. It's a bit teeny-bopper but I still thought it was good. Had some good mystery stuff added in.

So you all probably think I'm crazy I keep reorganizing this drawer. Yesterday I went through all my fabric on the top shelf of the tall book case and rerolled them onto smaller boards. A lot of them had just a bit of fabric on them so I couldn't really see them if I was just looking at the shelf. So I cut the boards down for most of them and the smaller pieces went into the drawer and the bigger pieces went on the shelf.

Some day soon I will paint that green wall back there. So the stuff on the top of the shelf has all been went through and cleaned up. I have a few things in the pink basket I need to list on Etsy (some felt stocking kits that are worth some $$) but I think I want to wait a bit closer to Christmas to list those. I think they sell for more then..

I am thinking maybe I'll get some kind of baskets/bins to put the fabrics in so I can just pull them out from the shelves.

Still need to go over the rest of the shelves too but I'll do that another day.

I was able to get back into the corner area by the closet and get to these 2 boxes that have not been rolled up on to boards yet. This is my project for today. Maybe I'll be able to get them all into one box and into the drawers.

I have like 2 work things to do so far today. That won't take long! I need to work on doing some house cleaning today and tomorrow. Trevor is still deciding what he wants for his birthday dinner on Sunday. I think there are some places we could probably go to eat at now, although I kind of like doing it at home now.  I have several friends who have got the 1st and 2nd doses of their vaccines. I think I'm still several rounds away. Are you going to get the vaccine? I'm hoping they don't find out it causes something harmful down the road since it was pushed through so fast but at the same time I'd like to be able to have a normal life and hug my friends. Time will tell I guess! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! I haven't sewn in almost a week, we'll see if I do any this weekend. I need to run to Joann's and use my February coupon from the calendar I bought ;)


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