Monday, March 1, 2021

Trevor's Birthday & Weekend Stuff

 Good morning, it's that dreaded Monday again. She sure comes around fast.

I spent the weekend mostly sewing with some shopping and Trevor's party mixed in (and a little cleaning of course)

Here are all the zip bags I got finished this weekend. I've been pecking away at a box of fabric I had cut into zip bag sizes a long time ago. A few months back I had went through and matched up all the zippers I had to fabrics that they went with so these are part of that round. Basically all ready to go just had to be sewn. I have another handful set up with zippers. Not sure if I'll work on those next or do something else since I'm kind of tired of them ;)

I watched a few movies! I think my favorites were The Founder and Molly's Game. Steve Jobs wasn't good at all, I didn't like the way they made that one. 

On Saturday my friend and I ate in a real restaurant! It was so amazingly good. We got the fajitas for 2. We split the left overs and there was enough for 2 more lunches (gave mine to Scott). We went to Joanns so I could use my coupon off the calendar I bought. I forgot to take a picture of the fabric I bought so I'll do that for another post. We went to Costco to finally order Melissa's contacts. She gave me her prescription forever ago and I had totally forgot about that. So got that done and bought a rug for the living room! It's so pretty. Now to do some little curtains I think. (I'll take a picture of the rug later)

Finally got that free table out. Down to the 2 plastic bins which are in my car for donation

And last but not least Trevor's birthday dinner. I look like an Oompa Loompa but hey if I ever lose weight again it will be a good before picture right? haha

Daniel was helping his dad who has been ill so he got there after the picture. That's my friend Cassi there too.

So weird not having any minor children anymore. I'm like I'm freeee but we all know that is not really true.

and of course the star of the show who was a little bit cranky for most of the night but had a good nap on Grandma :) He was all happy when it was time to go home haha. I think he was mostly just tired and probably a bit overwhelmed with all of us oooing and ahhhing over him ;)

Ok my boss worked on the weekend so I have an email full of stuff to work on today. Hope you all have a good day!

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