Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Cats, Fabric, Sewing, Netflix, Repeat

Good morning! I have already spilled coffee on myself is that a warning on how today is going to go? I hope not haha. 

I went for a little walk after work yesterday. I took the dogs for their 1/2 mile walk (Snookie walked the whole way this time!) and then walked to the mail box and back. My hips were hurting so bad it was ridiculous. They have been hurting since Sunday but feel better today (so far). My friend was busy pulling carpet out so she didn't go. We are going to go after work today I think. It is so nice to have someone to walk with. Makes the time go by so much faster. I swear we never run out of stuff to talk about.

Here is the fabric I bought on Saturday, bunch of cute prints

Tina and Lucy both love this spot up on that box. Lucy is usually the one that is there but Tina beat her to it and I was just waiting for Lucy to give her the smack down here. Lucy is about 8 1/2 years old and the kittens are about 2. Wonder if we'll always call them the kittens haha.

I'm so glad I got a dog bed big enough for Rusty so everyone could sleep in it BUT Rusty. Snookie loves it. I was surprised that Lucy got in it too. 

Last night I pulled out all my green cut pieces of fabric and the St. Patrick's Day fabric I had to get some inspiration for something to work on. I decided to start with some mug cozies. I have a stack all cut out now just need to cut out the batting next. It's a bit late for those to go into my store but I can just put them in there for next year. Someone asked me if I was going to make masks out of it. How many masks do we need? 

Here is a picture of my rug. It looks like it has dirty spots in the pictures but it is kind of like a velour where you can change the color by running your hand over it. It doesn't seem quite so white in real life.

I watched this movie The White Tiger last night on Netflix. Holy crap. Good movie but you need to be able to read subtitles sometimes when they speak in another language (not the whole movie).  Definitely different and interesting.

I want to be like Tubby today and just lay around and be lazy. She's loving that the couches aren't covered up. I need to cover them up again before they get them all furry. They just come out for company haha.

Ok off to find something to do for work today. I got through all my emails yesterday and haven't got anything else to do for today. Going to have to make my own project I guess! Tomorrow I am going into work for the day so I'll be printing and filing all day. 


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