Friday, March 19, 2021

Grandparents Visit

Wednesday I started off my day with PG&E showing up with a big ass truck and a tractor. I went out and was like WTF are you doing now? They had to fix something on my meter and it took them hours. The guy said the tractor is just for emergencies. Luckily it stayed on the trailer. One of the neighborhood cats was having fun checking it out.

The inspectors. I was waiting for Lucy (white cat) to smack Tina but she just got down. 
They are friend-enemies.

The girls came over around 1 to go to the cemetery. Melissa opened her St. Patty's gifts from my mom and this was in there. Need to tell my mom that's not appropriate haha. We had a good time joking about that. 

We stopped and got some flowers on the way to the cemetery. Here is Scott's Dad's headstone, easy to find in "Little Arlington" area last row by a tree. 

Didn't take me too long to find Grandma Marilyn. We got smart this time and made note of the row numbers. She is in row 82 (putting this here for next time we go ;))

I can never find Grandma & Grandpa Pecka. I think it is because it is so low to the ground. The kids finally found it. I know what area-ish it is but I always walk around forever. They are in row 37

And Gene's mom's gravesite. She was gone before I was around but we always stop to see it. We didn't put flowers there since she hated flowers (that's the story anyways) She is row 3 tier 9.

After the cemetery we went and ran some errands for Jess. Home depot for a new faucet and Target for some baby stuff. Then we went to lunch at Perko's. I think officially we aren't supposed to be eating inside but now most of the smaller restaurants are open. Probably figure either go out of business or take their chances. There was only 2 other tables of people the whole time we were in there and not at the same time.

I think I'm ready to chop all my hair off now. It was so fun hanging out with the kids with just us. Haven't done that in YEARS. 

I made the Skinnytaste soup for dinner. I got it all in the pot and it said simmer for 3 hours. WHAT? It was already 7 lol. So it went in the Instant Pot for 1 1/2 hours instead. I was still kind of full from lunch anyways. Melissa picked out what she wanted to eat with a fork haha.

Yesterday I went into work for the day. I worked until 5 and then came home and laid on my bed and never got back up. Finally able to get up a bit early today. Maybe I can be over the time change now!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you've been busy! I hate making dinner Julie. I get so tired of it all. I wish someone would just cook for me. I'll clean up! Being today is Friday it's a free for all. Maybe nacho's and wine or something like that because I don't wanna cook. The other day I cleaned my stove so well. That night I really didn't want to cook....any excuse you know. 😁

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