Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Good Morning Happy St. Patty's Day!

I've already done anything that was in my email box, going to be a slow work day I think! I am going to go into the office tomorrow so that will make up for being slow today.

Yesterday I looked out the window and there was all these cats in the field. My neighbor feeds the strays and takes them in to get fixed.

These dog beds are like daily entertainment to me. Here we have Snookie in the big bed and Rusty ON the little one haha.

I finished all these masks for my friend. She works at a school and will sell them to the other office ladies and give them as gifts to people. I still have a big pile I'm working on and about 10 more orders that people have placed since I got them all going.

Last night we ended up going over to Jessica's house to visit with Daniel's family that are visiting. Got some good time in with Mr Squishy here before he got mad and cried for his mommy.

Today the kids are planning to go to the cemetery to visit their Grandpa's grave since this is the anniversary of his death. I was thinking it was like 6 years but it has only been 4. Seems like ages ago and his mom has just went downhill since. Not sure if I will go with them or not. They planned it all on their own.

I had Scott get some corned beef so I could make the soup I made last year. Probably make that for dinner although if Melissa is here she might not want that :)


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