Thursday, March 4, 2021

Looking Green

 Good morning! Why isn't it Friday yet?

Yesterday I went into the office and spent the day printing and filing things. I feel less stressed about how much of that I need to do. Although I still have all the payments I've done in almost the last year to print and file. That's going to take a couple days I think. I need to put myself on the calendar for another office day.

We are supposed to be in a room by ourselves with the door closed. When I got to work someone else was in the room but she relocated and then like about 10 people walked through that room while I was in there. I'm like uh is this the same thing as being in a room by myself? Probably would have had less contact with people if I would have sat at my old desk.

It took me forever to get home since the freeway was not moving so I did not get on it. I was picking up dinner for us and had to backtrack, then I took a back road and kind of had a brain fart because I shouldn't have went the way I did because then I had to backtrack AGAIN. So here is the sun setting on my way home.

Last night I watched Murder Among The Mormons. A bit of a "who done it" story and I was surprised on who it was! There sure are some crazy people out there.

While I was watching/listening to that I finished off the "green" mug cozies. Some of these were already cut out in my "to do" box and some I cut out of small pieces I had stored in my cabinet. I had so much green in there it was taking over. Oh and a little bit of new St. Patty's fabric. Now to take some nice pics to add to my Etsy store (minus the Sports ones, I don't put those on there). 

I think I might work on some keychains next. I have a bunch of "green" ones that are started.

While I was at work yesterday I didn't do any regular work so I have a bit of that to catch up on today. Should keep my busy for a little bit! 

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