Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Another Day

 Good morning! Today is my mother in law's 91st birthday! I imagine we'll be going over there for cake if not dinner too. I couldn't get a straight answer on if we were taking her dinner tonight or not when I asked her son ;) 

Yesterday I put a bunch of patterns and then I went through all the books I have left in my Etsy store and listed them up for sale cheap on a Facebook Destash group. I got rid of a few things and made some money too! Now I am tempted to go through and start putting up the patterns I have on Etsy in the group and see if I can get rid of some more. My store has been dead lately and there isn't much left in there compared to what I used to have. It would be nice to get rid of stuff I've had for awhile. 

I finished up the green crumb squares I had started last night too. I still have more green fabric scraps but I'm tired of making these for a bit so I'll just put them in the scrap box for another day. My next thing I want to do is make a curtain for my room here. I've been hanging up a sheet with push pins for a year and I'm about tired of that. I found a big tension rod that I'm going to use. I might still use the sheet I've been using but actually make it into a curtain. I like the colors in it. 

That's about all I've got for today. No work emails to work on yet. I am going into the office on Thursday (if I don't have Jury Duty) so I'll have lots to do then. I have to check for Jury Duty again at 5. So far it's just been the check back tomorrow thing. Kind of annoying. I have put myself down to work in the office one day a week pretty much through April. It is kind of nice for a change of scenery to go in every so often. 

Last night I finished watching the documentary about the Bikram Yoga guy. Pretty gross. Sad that people that have so much influence always have to turn out to be dirt bag. 

Ok off to figure out what I'm doing today. Have a good one!

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