Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Old People Entertainment

Hello how are you all doing today?

I've been doing "busy work" for work today. Stuff that can be done but won't kill anyone if it isn't. Totally boring.

Can't believe this little guy is 5 months old already! Jess went to Once Upon a Child yesterday and got a little exersaucer thing for our house. She didn't bring it over yet but hopefully he likes it.

I got anther small dog bed for Snookie. These beds totally entertain me. Here we have Lucy making biscuits in the big bed while Snookie wants them all. Currently Snookie is in the big bed and Rusty is on the floor. 

When I was waiting my 15 minutes after my shot the other day I was walking around Walgreens and found this. Wine in a can? I think that is what it is. Well that makes it easier to sneak in places I guess ;)

We just had a big rain storm for like 5 minutes and now the sun is trying to come out again. Not sure if we are supposed to get more rain or not.  I had 2 different PG&E related people come to the house today. One was to put some kind of thing on a tree in the back that the birds planted to make it not grow? or something like that. I'm like you can do what you want with it the birds planted it. I'm sure an oak tree under a power line can't last there forever. The 2nd one wanted to change something out on the gas meter AGAIN. They did something last year that took like 3 trips and me having to trim the bushes. This guy didn't care about the bushes so I guess he got it done.  All the excitement out here in the country!

I worked all day yesterday then came home and laid on my bed for the rest of the night. Not sure if it is the shot that was making me so tired or if I'm just tired in general haha. Trevor made us some meatballs for dinner so that was nice. I got quite a bit of stuff printed and filed but still have a ton more to do so I put myself down to go in on Friday. I'd rather go in and be super busy than stay home and have to find stuff to work on all day. Plus if it's not raining on Friday I can go to the flea market :)

That's all the excitement around here today. I could use a nap already. 


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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, your grandson is yummy!
As for the tired, as you know that was Rick's side effect as well as a neighbor who I saw yesterday. She said she just felt like she had to lay down. If I'm going to have a side effect that would be the one I'd take. :-) But I may never get this damn shot!

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