Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Thrift store buys and more!

Good morning! I had a surprise this morning of an 8am Teams meeting with the state boss that I had forgotten about. They made me switch the camera on for a minute. TG I had a sweater nearby so I could cover up my shirt I slept in and being braless. 

I got my messy table cleaned up yesterday. Here is some of the stuff I bought at the thrift store.

I got the cookbook for Melissa, it is the same as the one I have. Jess already has one too. The other book is to resell and might sell or keep the cards on the right.

I bought 2 big bundles of fabric for $4 each. Here is one of them laid out.

This cute Halloween fabric for $2 there is over a yard there.

Several yards of this train fabric for $4, I will resell most of it.

BIG stack of patterns, mostly quilt and craft, I looked them up and there were several that go for $10 each.

Dinner last night was this Cheesy Taco Pasta It was super easy and fast to make. Tasted pretty good too!

I am almost done with my huge pile of masks I'm working on. Just need to finish the elastic casings and do the elastic. Which still takes some time but it feels like I'm almost done. I had to go to bed early last night because Rusty felt a storm coming on and wanted me to go lay down with him. As soon as I laid on the bed he calmed down. He's the only dog I've ever had that gets worked up for storms. TG he wasn't too bad last night. 

Ok off to do a few emails worth of work. Next week I will probably be super busy with work. They have a deadline this week to get people ranked and then once they pick people that is when I will be super busy. Going to enjoy the calm before that storm!


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