Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Denim Strip Blocks

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Nothing exciting going on here other than it is raining again. I know we need rain but I hate it and all the mud it makes. I need to get about 5 more yards of gravel for my driveway.

Also need to do some laundry which I have to go outside to the garage for.  Yuck!

I decided to just toss all the left over jean stuff that was left (not that squares and strips but the other parts). Executive decision. I know I probably could have used them for something but it was taking up too much room so out it went. 

Last night I played around with the 1" wide pieces I had cut. I put them all together into a one long strip. and then did a couple strip blocks just to see if it would work.

Played around with them a bit, kind of like them.

Not much work to do today so maybe I'll get some more work done on my spreadsheets. I've been watching/listening to the latest season of Heartland on Netflix. They are kind of cheesy but I'm on Season 12 so I'm invested haha.

Tomorrow I'm going in to work so I need to make sure and not stay up so late. I've been dragging ass getting up in the mornings!

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Nelson's said...

I'm always impressed by your sewing skills. I purchased some faux rabbit fur to cover a ottoman and have enough leftover to make to recover couch pillows. I just have zero sewing skills so not sure if I can even do this simple sewing project! Yikes!!

I am no longer able to post at Runyourbunsoff.blogspot.com I accidentally erased my history along with passwords and can't get in to update. I created a new Nelson family blog.

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