Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Yellow Patchwork Quilt Top

Good morning! Happy hump day!
 I hate mornings, have I said that before?

Today I am going to go into work around lunch time to print off some letters and get them in the mail. I'll just stay there for the rest of the work hours and do a few other things while I'm there. There is a lot to do in the office. Print and file print and file.

Yesterday I cut up all my small yellow pieces of fabric and made a yellow with a touch of orange small quilt top. I started off with a pattern but it kind of got thrown out the window at some point. Just needs some backing and binding now lol

I'll probably make some blocks from what I have left of the yellow scraps and then go back to putting the backing on the green quilt that I got away from. Still need to get some flannel to back the denim ones. And/or take take one apart to add onto the other. Haven't decided yet.

That's about all I have so far. I need more coffee.. Hope you all have a good day!


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