Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Selling & Organizing

 Woo wee kind of on a whim yesterday I decided to put some random stuff in my sewing room on a sale/destash group on Facebook.

I have sold so much stuff! I love when that happens. Now if everyone pays it will be great.  I finally caught up on getting it all packed up and invoices sent so now I need to go back and do the shipping labels for the stuff people have paid for.

This is mostly just random stuff that I have picked up at thrift stores/marketplace sales/neighbors etc that came with OTHER stuff I actually wanted. So I of course now am like gathering more stuff to sell but first I need to get this other stuff going out the door.

So nice to clear stuff out and organize a bit more. Last night I was actually able to get into the closet area which has been barricaded with crap. Well part of the closet area, still working on that ;)

Tina was very helpful and knocked over my stuff like THREE times, huge messes. 

Most of the stuff I am getting rid of was actually from the other side of the room but now I had some empty boxes so I was going through stuff a bit more. Plus reorganized my shipping envelopes over there. I know this is a disaster. Still getting organized from bringing everything in here plus stuff from the shed over the last year. Getting closer slowly but surely!

Working on stuff to put out at the curb for free too, I need to go out and put up a table and get that going.

While I was working my light bulb in the room went out. I was like crap do I even have anymore light bulbs? Luckily there was some random bulb and when I put it in I was like OMG everything is a different color in here. Much better! I want to get a ceiling fan to put in here soon for when it starts heating up. 

Ok off to print some labels! Woooohoo plus this is like free money to buy more good stuff ;)

Hope you all have a great day!

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