Friday, February 12, 2021

Walking Sewing and Netflix

 Woohooo we made it to Friday!

Can someone tell me why my dog thinks he needs to go out the moment my ass hits my work chair? Sooo annoying. I think he's just making it up but he won't leave me alone until I take him out.

Yesterday I got my walk in and was safely in the house before it started raining. I attempted to use Runkeeper to see how far I went (always in a competition with myself) but apparently you have to pay for it now for it to track the mileage.  Still debating if I want to do that or not but I did order a Fitbit. My friend sent me a $40 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods so I put that towards it. Just one of the cheaper ones but it will do the job. 

I have to take the dogs for a little walk first when I go out because Rusty knows when I'm going to go for a walk and won't leave me alone. I just take them on a long block and back and then they are good. The first day Snookie sat down and said she was done about 3 minutes from home lol. She's so funny.

I worked on my yellow strip square blocks some more last night. I used up all the base squares I sew the strips to so I will have to cut some more to finish off my roll.

I have some half yellow half orange blocks I made before so I think I will see what they look like together when I'm done :)

No exciting weekend plans here AND it is a 3 day weekend. I should probably do some laundry I'm about out of clean towels and comfy shirts and shorts/pants. If we ever go back to work in the office every day I'm going to have to buy a new wardrobe. Although hopefully I can lose some weight so my jeans fit better again lol.

Just remembered I need to make some Valentine's cards for the nieces and nephews. My mom made them little Valentine's mail boxes and my girls made them some Valentine's too to put in them. One more thing kids miss out on with no school.

I watched a Effie Gray on Netflix while I was sewing last night. What a sad movie. Dakota Fanning really grew up and that is an old movie. I just looked it up she is the same age as my oldest so 27! Omg wasn't she just 12?

Ok off to maybe do something productive. Not much real work to do today so far! Have a good day and weekend!
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