Thursday, February 25, 2021

Trouble Maker

Well my smart ass has got me in trouble again. I spent a lot of yesterday going through this big bag of lace I got from my neighbor and organizing it.

I went to put it on the group I've been selling on and WTF! I can't post or comment on anything.

So then I realized it was because I commented on someone's post. They had said "is it even worth selling stuff with the paypal fees?" I said yes just work it into your price. Someone comment to me that NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT. I was like why not what difference does it make. IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. And then I responded with a horror face emoji. Yeah so that caps call was a moderator. I guess they didn't like my comment haha. But really, any business person knows you have to work that all into your pricing. You can't sell something for fifty cents if you are going to get charged fifty cents for selling it so you'd sell it for at least a dollar so you are getting your fifty cents out of it.

So anyhow, had to find another group to sell the lace on and sold almost all of it to one person for $70. not too shabby for free stuff! I'm just about cleaned out of my misc stuff that I had to sell. Well on this side of the room anyways.

I pulled this picture up to show someone my Grandma's Pacer but I kind of feel like my neener neener is appropriate haha. 

In other news look how big my little munchy is getting! He is still just bottle fed (only 4 months old) but doesn't he look like he's ready to eat some waffles with mom and dad? They came over for a few minutes yesterday and ugh I can just eat him up, he's so cute! This is the first picture where I think he looks like Jess. Everyone always says he does but I could only see his dad.

When they came over she took the other car seat base so now Lucy lost her comfy spot. She is still sleeping on the blanket though.

It was so windy yesterday I never put out my free stuff. I think I'll wait until the weekend if it is nicer. I had to take a cold and sinus pill and some Advil yesterday my head was killing me. There was so much pressure in the air. My whole family was complaining so I know it wasn't just me.

Ok off to do some actual work today. Have a few emails in the que I've been saving up haha. The way we do things now is so backwards I have to sit and wait for them to pick people and THEN we have to make sure they have everything. Have a good day everyone!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay the fact that every business does this or we would not survive. That is crazy that they blocked you for that. Do they think the cost of buying something in the store is not marked up? I worked at a jewelry store putting myself thru school. 200% market up. Our price is not only based on our time but the cost of materials, the cost of gas to get there, payroll, insurances, etc - everything. When we had things to ship we found offering free shipping made them order more. So we cut out the shipping charge to them and added it to the product price. EVERYONE does that. I'm sorry they did that to you but like your younger self I feel the same, naneer naneer

Suburban Correspondent said...

Seriously, that person who doesn't understand that admin costs get passed on to the customer in the price is really naive!

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