Thursday, February 11, 2021

I live in the Ghetto

 Good morning! My internet is painfully slow this morning. It's ok I didn't want to work anyways. Luckily it is the slower time for me at the moment.

I went into work at noon yesterday and stayed until 4. I stopped at the good burrito place for lunch but the line was out the door so I just went through the drive thru at Carl's Jr's instead. I think most of the staff at Carl's Jr does not speak English as their first language. This place is on the corner of a busy street and it is so  hard to understand what they are saying through the little box. 

At work I got my letters printed out and mailed off then cleaned up the desk I've been working on. Shredded a box of papers and all those old checks of Scott's I am always finding around the house. Cloroxed the desk and filed all the papers I can never find folders for. If I couldn't find the file I put it on the desk of the person in charge of the file. They can put it away after I've tried like 10 times.

After work I went for a little walk. I have told myself I need to try and walk for at least 30 minutes a day. I am really getting out of shape just sitting in the house all day every day. My hips were hurting so bad just from vacuuming for 10 minutes the other day. Of course Rusty some how knows when I am going to go for a walk and is relentless about going too. The dogs can't walk very far though (probably from just being in the house so long) so I just took them on a short walk and then dropped them off at home and went back out for a few more minutes for myself. 

Just walking my little area of the neighborhood was so depressing. So many houses and yards are just falling apart. I don't know if people just don't have the money, the time or the man power to fix things but it is looking sad out there. I know I need to work on my yard too.

Look at this street sign down the street from my house. It is no wonder delivery drivers can't find our houses.

One of the houses down the street has a full on casket in their front yard. What the actual hell? That same house has a roof that can't possibly be keeping the rain out. I was complaining about the casket on FB and one of the board members actually went and took a picture and sent it to me today. I find it kind of crazy that no one has complained about this but me? It was laying flat when I saw it yesterday but propped up this morning. I'm sure that would kill a child if it fell on them. Hopefully the board can get them to get rid of it.

Anyhow when Scott got home I asked him if he could please work on getting that piece of shit car that does not belong to us gone by June 1st. I figure that is plenty of time. It has been here for about 9 years now. I think that is long enough. If it is still here I'm going to work on getting it towed. I'm tired of playing around with it. Either take it where it goes or it's going. Also asked him about what he wanted to do with the boat we haven't taken out in like 15 years. Instead of just trying to give it away for free he wants to take the engine out? And cut it up? and put it in the trash can? What the actual fuck. Men are stupid.  

Then he tells me why do I have to bombard him with all this at once right now. I asked him when would be a good time and he didn't have an answer. After he's dead and I have to deal with it I guess.

Why do we think it is such a good idea to get married?

So I retreated to my sewing room and finished making my yellow strips with the leftover scraps and made 2 squares. I wasn't really feeling like working on them though so that is all I got done and then I just went to bed and looked at Tik Tok until I fell asleep.

That's all my excitement for today. It is supposed to rain around 3 today. Might try to go for a walk on my "lunch" that I don't usually even take since I just do things throughout the day. I wish today was Friday I'm tired of thinking about work stuff. Oh and I should probably cook a real dinner tonight too...

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am assuming you don't have an HOA or that shit wouldn't happen. I despise our HOA but then I read how others have neighbors with caskets and cars on blocks and I think, okay they are good for something. A casket? That is one weird ass thing to have on your lawn.

Remember that come to Jesus meeting I had to have with Rick? My God he is still doing all he said he would. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. So I hear you. I threatened to sell by a deadline once. It worked. :-)

When this is over we need a girls weekend away I think. All my gf's think so. I imagine my husband does too. 😊

Julie H said...

@Peg, we are a private club and we have all these rules but they only seem to crack down on a few people here and there. I cannot wait to have girls weekends!

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