Monday, January 10, 2022


 Good morning, happy Monday!
Isn't Tubz so beautiful? Too bad she loves Scott more haha

Everyone is at work today so it's nice and quiet. Well except for Snookie snoring. 
Today is one full week back on Lose it and I am down 3.8 pounds. Not too shabby! Now to make it though another week and hope to lose more.

Yesterday Scott was making breakfast burritos.  I had 2 on the low carb tortillas. Probably would have been ok with just eating it sans tortilla all together.

for lunch I finally had some of that soup I made 

Dinner was Garlic Herb Butter Chicken with zucchini instead of asparagus

I also had a small smoothie somewhere in there. Scott took my car today so I'm thinking of maybe doing Instacart for my grocery list. Maybe I'll just go shopping later. 

Spent the day working on my projects. Masks done, mug cozies just need buttons, keychains done and the little bags need to be trimmed and then sewn around the edges and then they will be done. Waiting to take pictures of things to do the "sets" with the matching items.

Looks like work will probably be slow today. Two emails so far to work on. Boring!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

If I didn't say so before, that soup looks good.
Those low carb tortilla my husband says makes him prefer eating the insides only. That bad? He's a whiner and since I can't eat them I wondered if he was correct. I tried the GF ones. Oh my. I make these egg crepes. Real thing like a tortilla and stuff my tacos or tortilla stuffing in this. Now those are fabulous and easy to make with the right pan. You should try those for more protein and less carbs.
Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

Julie H said...

@Peg sounds good! Yeah these just have a weird texture to them.

Annsterw said...

Go you Julie for getting on track!! I need to do this too. I think if I blog my weight loss/gains it will keep it front and center in my mind - thanks for the reminder. Congrats on the 3.8 loss! That is fantastic!!! Your soup looks absolutely delicious!!! PS - I think I am in love with Tubz!!! HUGS

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