Friday, January 7, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Last day of alone time for the week haha. I know that probably sounds dumb but it is nice to have just me for a bit ;)

Yesterday I had the same thing for breakfast, I couldn't decide what I wanted for lunch so I had a mixture

I cooked the last of our free turkeys yesterday to get it out of the freezer and made this turkey enchilada recipe. I thought it had said 12 servings but it said 6, but it was just fine spread into 12 tortillas. 

I made 4 with these, they weren't bad

My little buddy came over to hang out while his parents were working. He still has a little bit of a cold so not too into eating. He chewed on the broccoli a bit and then fed all the dogs with it all lol

He was super happy when Grandpa came home. Scott was looking up Wiggles videos for him on his phone and they watched a bunch.

I refilled my cup of water and next thing I knew it was his water haha. He drank like 1/2 the cup!

Yes I'm wearing Christmas leggings, these ones are so soft lol.

Tonight we have darts and the other half of our team can't make it so we have Melissa and Trevor subbing for them. The team we are playing is really good so we'll probably lose but hopefully it will still be fun ;)

Not sure on what I'm making for dinner yet. 
Supposed to watch the little one again tomorrow so that will be fun.

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Annsterw said...

That is awesome that you guys play darts! I used to do that in a bar league. I was terrible but my boyfriend at the time did not mind! HAHA! Good luck! That little man is soooo adorable!!!!! HUGS

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