Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Good morning happy staff meeting Wednesday! 
So nice not to have to sit at the big conference table for these (for now with no end date). People going on and on talking about a bunch of stuff I don't do (I'm basically a secretary/book keeper with a bunch of soil scientist type people)

Since I'm back on the calorie counting wagon I'm actually cooking more again. Yesterday I spent most of my off work hours doing some meal prep cooking. I have some breakfast and lunch cooked up for today. Yesterday I was winging it.

I was trying to not eat breakfast yesterday but I was too hungry so I had some eggs and ham with a little bit of salsa on top.

I went to Bunco at noon and here was my first plate lol. I went back and got a couple more of those little lumpias and and the dip on the top. I took a picture so I could figure out the calories later. Hopefully I don't get covid from anyone there. I know so many people that have covid right now. It's EVERYWHERE and it doesn't seem to matter if you are vaxxed and boosted. 

For dinner we had Turkey Chili Taco Soup, yummy! No left overs.

When I got home from bunco Trevor had the windows open, I don't know what he had cooked but apparently the windows had to be opened haha. Look at these two fatties. I think they might eventually be friends..

This cracked me up, I need the 2 dog 1 cat version for who tucks me in every night.

This morning I made it back under the 200 pound mark, now that I'm actually counting calories maybe I'll get farther away from it. I love the first week on a diet when you lose a bunch of weight. I paid for year upgrade on Lose It since it was on sale for only $20. Now to make sure I use it all year ;)

I still haven't done any sewing but I got a bunch of batting cut for my projects. Next up is to cut some for the mug cozies I have cut out. My plan is to make up the coffee mug cozies and then put a coaster or two with it in an Etsy listing. Eventually I'll get there. 

Today's plan is to actually finish the Christmas boxes lol. That's like an every day plan lately. TODAY I WILL DO IT haha.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I can no longer skip breakfast. I need protein in the morning. If I don't eat breakfast I'll eat too much later.

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