Sunday, January 9, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! It is super foggy outside this morning. Yuck. 

Man oh man am I glad I trusted my instincts on going to the New Years Eve party. I've found out now that the reason they have closed the bar is because all the bartenders have Covid. I've seen at least one other person that attended that she has it too. The whole neighborhood will be down before we know it.

I had 3 Etsy sales so I got to mark 3 more states off my map. It is so weird how sales are bunched together like that. Definitely something in the algorithm.

The little one never came over yesterday so I played with my projects. I got one round of sewing done on everything. Back to pinning for the next one.

I had planned fajita chicken wings for dinner but they didn't have the usual wings I buy at the store. I had bought two smaller packages which turned out to be really smalls I did some shrimp I had too.  Good lord the shrimp turned out so spicy. I ended up getting more rice and some sour cream added to it so I could eat it. Also those vegetables were very disappointing lol. They were a frozen pack of asparagus stir fry but it was all tiny pieces.

I ended up eating the rest of the veggies and a leftover taco cupcake at 10:30 since I was hungry and still had some calories left to eat. 

I only have one piece left of that breakfast thing I've been eating all week so we'll see if Scott decides to make breakfast this morning. I passed on a fancy breakfast yesterday since I had that to eat. I could go for some bacon though. I had planned to make some of those turkey/ham egg cups for another breakfast prep meal so probably make those tomorrow. 

Scott worked on his truck for a little bit yesterday but he has to get another part so he's going to use my car tomorrow. His truck is getting so old but if fixing it is cheaper than a bunch of car payments I say go for it ;)

We have my old car too that needs to be fixed up (gave it to Melissa and she gave it back). I keep waiting for him to fix that to drive since it will be so much cheaper on gas.  Trevor used it for a little bit too. It's not worth much to just sell it. 

Today's plan is to play around with my projects some more and enjoy not having to be logged on for work ;)

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Annsterw said...

Hi Julie!!! That is awesome that you started an Etsy site!! Don't you love it??? It makes selling so easy! I never thought to track states...that is a great idea!

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