Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Good morning happy Hump Day!

I finished this bag yesterday. I LOVE how it turned out with the denim strips. I am going to be a hoarder of denim I can see it now haha. I made this bag a little big narrower than the pattern I use. If I had it to do over again I'd make the bottom boxed area a bit smaller and shorted the length of the bag but overall it is still a good size.

 I had pulled out the 2nd denim top I had made to maybe cut up but I kind of like it since it is more of pattern than the other one was so I might just finish that one off into a throw blanket. I think some fleece would be nice on the back.  Or Maybe I'll just make it a bag of it's own. Hmmm. Oh hey by the way these denim quilt tops came out of that box I keep saying I need to clean out, one way to do that ;)

Now I am working on this cute cat panel. I have to see if I have enough batting to do the back side and the straps. If not I'll have to add that to my someday when I go to Joann's list and find something else to do haha.

Dinner last night was SO GOOD and super easy.  The recipe is a Skinnytaste one, baked chicken breast, which normally I'd say blah but these were actually good.  The recipe has you put your herbs together and rub them on but that didn't seem to go far so I just took my containers and sprinkled them all on, much better and easier for next time.

I am down another .8 this morning which is super exciting. Almost out of the 190's woohoo. 3.8 more pounds to go.

Here is Tina not being a very helpful co-worker yesterday. She kept getting all in my business. I am really going to miss the animals when I have to go back to the office all day. Which sounds like it might happen next month. Literally everyone I know either has covid or their family member does right now so it seems like a great time to all go back in the germ poll of an office for 8 hours a day.  Maybe once we have all got it it we'll be done? One can hope. I started coughing a little big last night and am still doing it this morning. Hoping it's just a little cold. Jess and Daniel were negative for covid yesterday and I was with her last week when she had a cold so I'm thinking I have a touch of hers.

My aunt posted this picture of my Princess (now named Minnie). Isn't she so beautiful! I can't believe how dark she got. All grown up.

I spent all day working on one application yesterday (for the most part) so I have a few emails to catch up on today plus work on another large project. I will be busy all day I think. It makes the work day go by faster so that is always good! Ok off to tackle that!

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