Saturday, January 22, 2022


 Good morning happy Saturday!

After all that paper stuff I went through this is what I kept (small little bit bigger than shoe box tote). Go me! I'm so proud of myself haha. I think I am going to go through these and put them in a sticker binder I have.  I also cleaned out some cards I had saved in my desk.

Since I could actually get to the closet I went through the totes in there too! I am down to ONE big tote in the room, which I am going to go through again and try hard to get rid of. How exciting is that? 

Jess took all my empty totes so those are out of the living room.

 I might put the wrapping paper in the shed (my wrapping paper box doesn't hold the really long rolls). Then I can get rid of that trash can mess there. I still need to go through the top shelf and the stuff on the left again. The basket of stuff on the tote is stuff for scrapbooks. I need to get more of the paper boxes to put those in or actually work on some scrapbooks lol.

The start of my free table, I added some more stuff while I was cleaning. This lady drove up when I went out there one time and she was like "OMG I love when you do this, look I'm wearing a sweatshirt from last time!" Lol cracked me up! Maybe some day I'll run out of stuff to clean out (not yet that's for sure, I have a ton in the shed when I get back to that project)

What's left, I should put it back out but I haven't got the energy yet lol. There was some Christmas stuff and nick knacks from before that I had put back out there. 

extra baskets and stuff that I'm mentally attached to. Cardboard box is stuff to shred at work some day (or if I buy a shredder, which I should do)

This is what I did most of yesterday. Took this bag of misc paper scraps

and cut it into squares lol. I'm almost done I just have some small pieces to finish (look at my poor glasses laying on the lenses, I never do that they must have tipped over)

When I get done with these I'm going to go through this big box of paper stuff (on the right) and straighten it out (it's all scrapbook stuff).  Right now I have an empty cabinet section under my desk that these and some other junk came out of. 

Dinner last night, beef stew! Melissa and Eric came over because I forgot to remind them the bar was still closed for darts. Whoops. So we had a nice visit while I cut paper ;)

Rusty keeps yelling at me for staying up past 10pm. Look at how he's looking at me. 
God mom wtf it's time for bed!

I forgot I had more ground turkey in the fridge so I can get away with one more day of not going grocery shopping lol. Still need to make another menu. I've gained .6 pounds, lost .6 pounds and gained .6 pounds again lol. Need to work on my water today and will probably have a smoothie for my breakfast to help get things moving ;)

Oh and I watched the 2nd season of Cheer yesterday. I don't know why this show is so good but I like it. Probably have a few you tubers to catch up on today now.

Scott just left to try and get the truck smogged again today. Lets all say a little prayer that he gets it done. Last weekend the machine was down at the place he went to.

Ok off to finish cutting up this little pile of paper and do some more organizing :)

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