Friday, January 14, 2022


Good morning happy 3 day weekend Friday woohoo
Today is also my mom's 70th birthday! We are celebrating for lunch tomorrow at my brother's house.

So far this morning I have someone arguing with me that a trust is a person so they shouldn't have to have the two actual people who set up the trust tell me if they make more or less than 900K to qualify for the program. Yeah dude, I've been doing this a long time, that's not going to fly.

I spent most of yesterday working on my Etsy listing some more. Going through all the coasters I made up and putting them on there. I put the Christmas ones in draft mode to add later if I still have them. I made little labels and put them in bags so that they will stay clean now. I hate having to tape roll everything at shows. Doesn't matter if I did it right before I put them in the box, somehow I still see stuff on them lol. I thought I was all done last night and then I found like 10 more coasters. DOH. So just have those to finish up today. Then I am going to retake the pictures of the other mug rugs I have on Etsy and fix them up with the nice backgrounds.

I still haven't went to the grocery store or got Instacart so I had raid the fridge/freezer dinner. Turkey, a little bit of rice and a whole pack of some frozen peppers/onions. Threw some salsa on top, not too bad. I need to throw the turkey out today probably. It's been awhile since I made that.

My friend posted this 5 legged calf the other day. They think probably it was a twin that got mostly absorbed. So weird!

I got this email yesterday. Go me! 23% in 3 months, not bad.

 I saw this on Facebook. Looks like a fun little project to do with some scraps.

and this on Instagram this morning. So cute! Would be cute to put with some flowers or like a RAK for the neighbors, could stick it in a flower pot :)

Today is day 12! Proud of myself for keeping it going. Tomorrow will be rough with Chinese Food for lunch. I'll just have to make sure and drink a lot of water lol.

Ahh the good old days! Then you'd get distracted and miss the one you wanted and have to listen to the whole thing again!

My friend Traci got her Covid results back and she is positive. She has all the vaccinations and boosters too. I was with her on the 4th and she says she's on day 9 so she got sick right after. That's two of my close friends with it right now (Cassi is down in San Diego with her daughter/granddaughter).  I thought I was getting sick yesterday but I didn't feel bad for the 2nd half of the day and feel ok now. Hopefully I stay that way! My friend who works for the school said she has 107 students out today plus staff. Crazy. Maybe if everyone gets it it will be done? One can hope it is on the way out soon. It is getting to where most people we know have had it now.

Ok onward! Have a great day everyone!

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