Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Good morning! I'm dragging major butt today. I wish I could just call in on the day lol.
Got to MIL's this morning and promptly fell back to sleep for about an hour. I still feel tired and I didn't even stay up that late. I did get up at 1am to take SNOOKIE out since she was being a weirdo and acting like she had to go out.

The only exciting thing I did yesterday was cook lol. I made this taco soup for lunch and Ann even wanted to eat some. It is spicy so I put a scoop of sour cream on her tiny bowl I gave her and she actually ate it. I have leftovers for lunch today so that is good. 

For dinner I made this Shepherd's Pie, she ate that too lol.

Now to figure out what I want to make for dinner tonight. It is nice that Instacart is so easy in town so I
 can order just a bit of stuff and don't have to worry about them getting lost. 

I just got up to get the phone and then got side tracked making something to eat for breakfast lol. The phone here rings and it is always some kind of scamming call. SO ANNOYING. I'm like just get rid of the line, no one important calls on it. 

Well I keep getting distracted so I'll call this good for today! Just today and tomorrow then off of Grandma duty for a few days woohoo. The twins birthday party is Saturday but other than that no plans for the weekend. Friday is our last dart game too.


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