Sunday, March 6, 2022


Hello Happy Sunday! I'm sad the day is almost over :( I don't want to grandma sit and go to work tomorrow lol.

I finally finished all my Easter Cozies and Coasters (I bet you're glad I'll stop talking about them now!) It took me forever but I finally got them all up on Etsy. Hopefully I sell a few since I don't have any craft shows booked before Easter. If not we'll have them for next year ;) 

I think I'm going to start putting all my cozies on cards like this. When they are out at my shows people think they are masks when they walk by. SUPER annoying, although I guess it does give me a moment to say what they really are. I'm thinking I could just display them in the small clear shoe boxes like I bought to organize my fabric. I like that I can pack them up so I won't have to keep using a tape roller on them too. The only drawback is when I put them on Etsy I usually show 3 together laid out and once they are packed up I'm not going to want to take them out again to take a new picture. Sometimes I will combine/rearrange my listings if there is only one left. Although they look kind of cute just laying in a pile too.

All my small boxes with lids are in use but they fit perfectly in this priority mail box for now.

Now for the next project! I think I am going to pull out all the car and camper fabrics I have and make some stuff with those. The car show is my next event. I'm signed up for that and the Lodi Street faire and that is it so far. I need to see if the one gal is still doing the event in Waterford, I did well at that one last year and I think it was in April too. Gotta get a few in before it's summer and 900 degrees outside.

I watched the little one for a bit while his parents went and got a couch off Marketplace.  He found Uncle Trevor's cat fishing pole and my Stick. Two weapons! He actually didn't fall asleep here this time but he had slept a long time this morning his mom said.

I should have done laundry and cleaned today but so far that didn't happen and it's almost 5. Guess I'll have to do it later ;) 

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