Friday, March 4, 2022


Hello happy heavenly birthday to my Grandma Marilyn day! 
She would have been 90 today. Hard to believe she's been gone over 20 years. 

Yesterday I was so bored at Scott's moms. I needed to give her a bath since she had a doctor's appointment today but she was sleeping almost all day. I started just doing some stuff loudly lol. She slept through almost everything. Finally woke her up by setting some plastic drawer things on the floor in the kitchen. 

I decided to clean the window in the office room over there. 
Doesn't look too bad.

I wiped down one square and OMG! I don't know why this keeps shocking me so much. 

all done! The blind needs to be cleaned but IDK if it will survive. Thinking I'll have to take it outside and spray it down real good. I'd say the bath tub but half the time the water wants to back up so outside sounds safer.


After that was when she woke up so we got the bath done and her hair braided up. Hopefully it mostly stayed in for her doctor appointment. Scott took her today. They have to do blood work before they do anything for her. She did fail the memory test part though.

More coaster progress! I'll probably finish them tonight after darts.

I went to work today and it was so great. Man who would have though I'd be so happy to go into the office to work. I got to finally work at my own desk again.  It is much bigger than the other desks I had to work at. I got all the new apps into folders (hopefully) and found a few that never got scanned to me so that part is bad. 

Almost time for darts! I got us a burrito from the place by my work and it was over $50 for 2 burritos and 2 quesadillas. It is getting so expensive to go anywhere now. I skipped on the $4 soda!

I'm excited to not have to go anywhere tomorrow unless I want to. Woohoo

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