Monday, March 28, 2022


Good morning happy Monday! Back at the mother in laws I only fell back to sleep for an hour today, which is surprising since I stayed up til about 1am this morning haha. I got all into watching Call The Midwife. I didn't realize I didn't watch all of 2021's episodes and started watching them. 

I got all my cozies put on cards and labeled and entered in my inventory spreadsheet. I have 741 cozies not counting the ones I had packaged up with some coasters. I think I am going to do a $1 sale on them on my next couple shows to try and clear some out. 

Look at this pretty girl she was so happy with me home all weekend. She is such a clutz though I don't think I've ever had a cat that was so clutzy lol. 

Every time I print something she runs in to attack the paper. So funny but I have to watch her so she doesn't make it jam.

Trevor made us some rice balls. He's been making these a lot I think! They have like a tuna salad inside. Very good and filling. 

That was about my excitement for yesterday other than walking over to the neighbors for some eggs. She gave me 3 18 packs of eggs from her backyard chickens. Just a few! I'm going to have to make some egg salad to use them up :)

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