Thursday, March 3, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday. Last day of mil sitting for a few days woohoo. Tomorrow I am going into the office to work. Hopefully my computer doesn't die before then it sounds like a jet taking off every so often.

This is about all I have to post about from yesterday. I worked on my coasters after I got home. The end is near! The ones on the bottom left just need the top stitching, the ones on the bottom right just need to be flipped and then top stitched. I had to stop last night because my eyes were tired. Love getting old.

I started watching Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix. I totally remember the woman who had all the bodies in her yard in Sacramento. People are so whack.  I'm on the 3rd story now, I kept falling asleep watching it so finishing it up this morning.

Today is my sil's birthday (the one who passed away). Hoping we don't have too much emotions today because I'm already exhausted. MIL has a doctor appointment tomorrow so I should try and get her in the bath today. She just sleeps so much. I'll have to catch her when she's awake enough. I won't be going with her to the doctor so I made a list of things Scott should maybe ask about when they go.

That's about all I've got for this morning!

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