Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Good morning happy Hump Day!

No plans for today and there aren't even any work meetings scheduled. How nice is that? I should probably unload my car soon lol. I want to go through and do an inventory of my craft show stuff before I put it all the way away. 

I got these off eBay for Daniel. He's all into Wreck It Ralph now. I can't wait for him to see them haha. The little things that make me happy lol. 

I can see the end in sight for listing the patterns. It's going to be awhile but I can see it's getting closer. Yesterday I sorted out what was left of the Women's patterns by brands. I am almost done with the Vogue patterns. I'm over a thousand dollars profit so my hard work is paying off ;) It's good to have something to work on to keep my brain busy although I should probably work on my yard.

My poor Rusty boy is having a hard time with his back legs now. Sigh. Why do our doggies have to get old so fast?


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