Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 Good morning! Happy Wednesday! 

Almost time to get ready to go swimming at my friends house. I just got done packing up all the garlands I made. Now hopefully I sell some haha. I do not want to make anymore for a long time.

Next up is some coasters with the scraps.

Scott found his mom's teeth yesterday! 
Sadly they were in the TOILET. For DAYS. Barf. They got a good bleaching and soaking. 

So so gross. Scott really is deserving this vacation. Too bad we aren't leaving today haha. Only a couple more days then we'll be free.

Currently listening to this ridiculous "training" with some guy talking about change and stuff. At least I can just have it on in the background while I do other things. 35 more minutes until my work day is over. I need to get my swimming self together. Might just take some shorts to wear over my swim suit bottoms so I don't have to prep haha. Going to swing by the store and get some food to take. We are having hot dogs for dinner. I should have made a mac salad but that required a trip to the store or Instacart and I didn't get that done!
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