Friday, May 5, 2023


Hello Happy Cinco de Mayo Friday!

Of course Aunt Flo is here to party the weekend up with us! She brought her big painful cramps with her. Thanks beotch. You can just go away now we don't need you anymore.

I went to the dermatologist this morning and had a full body scan done. No cancer spots yeah! I do have a red scalp, some kind of something something that doesn't really need anything, dry skin and a tiny bit of athlete's foot between the tiny toe on my right foot. Weird. 

I got her to take off these weird clear spots on my face and a tiny little mole thing next to my eye that had popped up. I think she electrocuted them. Ouch. Not entirely sure since I closed my eyes and can't see my face anyways. 

Yesterday I spent the day listing more patterns on eBay. They are never ending. I am doing some lots of girls patterns now with the disclaimer that they are cut and I haven't checked the pieces. I think I am going to do that with a lot of what is left. Hopefully some sell! I think I am going to put these boxes in my room when I'm done listing so I have more space in here. Tina thinks they are fun though!

I have about 10 boxes left to go.

I have darts tonight! Tomorrow morning I have membership meeting (which reminds me I need to get the binder out of the car and look at it) and my big street faire on Sunday! Hopefully I have enough stuff people want! I haven't made up much new stuff other than the cross body bags but I still have a ton of full totes so I think it will be ok! The weather is looking good so hopefully it will not be windy too.


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