Thursday, May 18, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

I'm making progress on these patterns, this is what I'm working on today. I've mostly been putting what is left in lots since they aren't worth as much individual. That helps to make it go faster. Mostly working on mens now and then I have a box of costumes to go through.

Yesterday my friend Cassi came over and we hung out. My dogs laying next to me while we chatted lol

We ended up going to the mall and I had fun in Carter's. I did get myself one shirt in Torrid. I need to buy myself about 20 shirts and some shorts but I can't ever find what I like in my size anywhere. So annoying. I need to just take a day and go shopping for myself. 

After shopping we went to Olive Garden and got the soup and salad. They brought her soup and then mine took forever because they were "making it". I probably would have just picked a different one if given the option. Always awkward sitting waiting for your food. At least I had some salad to eat while I was waiting. The waiter never came back with our boxes after we were done so we just left. They probably gave him too many tables to work on or something.

Later we met up at our little bar for a drink and hung out. She's going back to Oregon today. I sure miss her when she's gone she's so much fun. 

Today I booked my room and put in the authorization for a work over nighter at the end of June in Monterey. We were supposed to do it in like January but they canceled it because of the weather. I don't really enjoy these things but maybe it will have some fun moments. I love Monterey anyways.

That's all the excitement around here for this morning. Oh and apparently the shed door fell off. I'm not sure how that happened but it will need to be fixed ASAP since my stuff is in there. Hopefully Scott comes out and fixes it.

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