Sunday, May 21, 2023


Good morning! Happy Sunday!

I guess we won't be watching the littles today, Jess said her stomach is bothering her so she's going to call out. 

Yesterday I attempted to add more of my donate pile onto the FB group to sell but it only let me do a few then wouldn't let me comment. So rude. Too bad things aren't ran by humans anymore. (That isn't the selling group I got the notice on but it wouldn't let me leave any comments)

I cut out a zillon stars and have been pinning them together for the fronts and backs now. Sadly I still have a 3/4 bin of 4th of July fabrics left over and a whole bin of scraps now (not so sad about those, I love scraps haha). When I'm done with these I'll probably make some coasters and mug rugs. Unless I'm sick of the colors by then. 

I guess I have the whole day to sew now. I already took a shower lol. I hear Scott washing dishes so that is nice. He's going to be sad the kids aren't coming over.

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