Saturday, May 13, 2023


 Good morning happy Saturday! No plans for today and it is HOT. Stupid weather. Went from sweats to sweating in a week. 

Trevor got Rusty these cute gripper socks to help him get up and down. They were cute until this morning when I took them off and realized he had them on too tight and Rusty's poor feet are all swollen up. I took him for a little walk down the street earlier trying to get the blood flowing right again. I'll probably take him back out again in a little bit. They are looking a little better already but YIKES. Scary. 

I also woke up to Tina having RIPPED UP a bunch of patterns I had in a box and basket. They were one with missing pieces but still. WTH Tina! I'm definitely going to go back to closing the door when I leave my sewing room so she will stop redecorating and being a little terror. 

It's been a slow couple eBay sales days. Hopefully they pick back up. I did get paid for a $22 pattern this morning though. I don't know why people buy stuff and not pay right away. Don't be buying if you don't have the money sheesh.

I won two games of darts last night! That was exciting Our team still lost by one game though. Somehow we were in first place before. Probably because we've had subs for Lana who hurt her arm somehow. She's like maybe I should stay out so you guys can still win lol. I'm like nah! She is a sweetie.

Scott showed up at the end of darts and we went to Chili's for dinner. We came home and I promptly passed out and actually slept in a bit this morning. He's supposed to talk to his brother about our trip today. Hopefully he does. I don't want to make any plans til that's settled.
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Chris H said...

I can't believe how you guys manage with Scott having to be with his mother all the time! I sure in hell hope you can get that holiday to Yellowstone. You deserve it.

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