Friday, May 19, 2023


Hello! Happy Friday! 
I actually had some work to do this morning so I was busy with that for awhile. It's a miracle!

Yesterday I listed 47 things on eBay. Probably a few more than that but they were put into lots. 
Here is my last box I had that I was putting stuff in. Until Tina took over. I've been working on some misc stuff I have that I picked up here and there for reselling. I think I will use these boxes for that and then the extra boxes I think I might put fabric in that is on my shelf on my desk so Tina will stop going shopping in it. I think the boxes will fit on there pretty good. Might as well use them!

You can see my full boxes that are on eBay in the background here. I put them on Scott's side of our room since he's hardly ever there anyways. I need to make another row so they aren't so high but need to take some stuff out to the shed first.  My plan is to either give everything a year or after a bit pull anything that is $5 or less and sell them on the FB group. I am lowering prices every 30 days when they renew on eBay. That should help to clear them out.

Simon was helping me make my bed last night. She's so helpful. She got to hang out awhile since her dad was into his video game and didn't make her go to bed in his room right away. 

This morning I've been cleaning up my sewing desk a bit since it was a disaster with piles of patterns and stuff. About to get to work on some more eBay listings. I have a box of patterns and misc stuff I had bought at the thrift store before that I hadn't finished listing so that is what I've been working on. Might as well add them into the pattern boxes and get them all organized the same way. 

I might actually sew something soon. Getting the itch to do some sewing!

Darts tonight! I hope we win. It's always more fun when we do although I don't really care that much. It is just fun to go hang out.

If you like vintage sewing patterns or sewing stuff in general go check out my eBay store to see all my hard work ;)

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