Monday, May 1, 2023



Good morning happy Monday May Day!

I ended up watching the kids for a few hours so Jess could go get her hair cut and visit with her friend. I don't think I brushed my hair but I got a picture of us 3 haha. 

Look who is getting some curls!

Scott came to hang out too

This is our life right now with a husky lol. Between her and all the other animals I just walk around with a tape roller. 

I got one more bag done! That was all I had cut out so now I have to decide if I want to start something else. 

I worked on listing some more patterns on eBay. I'm in the good but cut boxes so have to go through and see if they have all the pieces. It is kind of relaxing ironing them out. Might take me 12 years to go through them though ;)

Today is staff meeting day. There are 2 staff meetings and another meeting on the calendar. Who thinks Monday at 8:30 is a good time for a meeting? No one logical. Besides that I don't have any work to do yet so I guess it will be patterns while we listen to meetings no one cares about me in.

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