Sunday, May 14, 2023


Good morning happy Mother's Day Sunday!

Scott brought me these roses yesterday and a nice card. Simon's like what is this?

My mom and I are going to go eat at Jessica's work for an early dinner so she can be our server (her idea). I've got some laundry going and washed a sink full of dishes. Holiday? What holiday haha. 

Yesterday I got a young guy to come mow and weed whack the yard. He spent 4 hours working and it was hot. He did a pretty good job but there is grass everywhere. He didn't have a blower. I cleaned off the front porch and the walk way a bit but need to pick all the grass out of the bricks. Blah.  I'm going to have to sweep off in front of my mom's trailer it's all covered in grass. I'm already all itchy, inside and out. My throat, nose and eyes. 

Summer is on her way! We've got the warm up now. Probably can put all the sweat pants away until next year. Or cut them off for more shorts ;)

Simon was laying on the floor where the AC was hitting last night. So funny with her paw up in the air. She is so funny looking now that her undercoat has come out. Her fur is a little bit wire-y now. 

I'm getting close to being done with the patterns! I just have a small stack of women's and then it's kids, men and some crafts. I think I will do crafts next. I will be so glad to be done with them lol. This has been a huge project. 

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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