Thursday, May 25, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! Today is my work Friday since I took tomorrow off. Also they have a 4 hour early release for tomorrow now so I can use that as a floater.  Definitely going to use that soon. Probably Wednesday since I'm supposed to go swimming at my friends then.

Yesterday I actually had some work to keep me busy in the morning then nothing. Well nothing but someone asking me for something that was in an email that she was copied on. Nothing annoys me more than people who can't just look for stuff themselves. 

I am on the home stretch of finishing up the stars I've been making. Next will be pom poms I think. I need to check my yarn stash and will probably have to go get some colors. 

What got you out of bed this morning? For me it was Simon getting off my bed and then making a weird sound. I looked over and she was having runny poo. Disgusting. She must have ate something outside or something. Hopefully she'll be ok soon.

Of course I come into my room to find Tina has been shopping again. I think I will use those pattern boxes here so she can't pull the fabric out. Plus it will help get them out of the sun and their floating hair. I will miss looking at all the colors but sheesh. Tired of cleaning this up every day. I don't think I can sew fast enough to use it all up real quick haha.

Rusty's back legs were so bad yesterday afternoon. I actually cried a little when I went to take him out and he fell going out the door. Then 2 minutes later he's barking his head off at a yard cat and wants to go chase it. Sigh. Damn dogs. 

Yesterday I realized Aunt Flo will be going with us on our vacation. Darn it! I should have scheduled the whole thing for the week before or after our anniversary. Hopefully I'm not just a miserable crabby beotch the whole time lol.

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