Friday, February 1, 2008

long time no post!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've been on here! I went through a bit of a depression the last few weeks. Most of it started with getting told I was going to get layed off on January 31st. YIKES! So of course that was rather depresssing and sent me on a downward spiral. Of course the first thing to go was my South Beach Diet. I just!! WTH!! Sarah just started going to Weight Watchers meetings again. Thinking maybe I'll back to doing Weight Watchers at home. At least that way I can still eat a little crap without ruining my whole diet and feeling like a failure. hmmm maybe after my birthday lol. I always have a good excuse, don't I!

Back to being layed off, a week before D Day I was told they found more money. Of course I had already taken Trevor out of Preschool. It's a good thing my mom had wanted to watch Trevor. Although after her watching him for one week I kind of remember WHY I don't like to have to rely on family to watch my kids. First there is the contact with Mom in the morning. Yesterday it was (insert very solem look here) "I want you to know I didn't yell at Trevor ALL day, he was a perfect angel all day, he just acted up when you got here". Well duh, kids always do that!! Anyhow, I think she was kind of annoyed that I didn't get excited about any part of the whole situation. Whatever!! Then of course there is when you go to pick the kid up after work (totally exhausted usually) and you get the tired Grandma yelling at the kids (see up a few sentences). Yadda yadda. Only have until August until he goes into Kindergarden, we'll see how long it lasts at Grandma's!

Anyhow, I'm off today since the boss girl wanted me to work 8 hour days for my last two weeks. Today would have been my first "layed off" day but it's just a day off now. I'm looking forward to only working 6 hours again next week. Those extra 2 hours kind of zap any energy out of me.Pin It

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Lindsay said...

thanks for your blog stalking! ;) glad i could entertain you with my doodles... I like your angry rants.. they remind me of mine and make me feel less guilty. HA.

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