Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Geriatric Softball

So it's that time of year again!! Every year we get so excited for the new softball season to start for our girls. Who's team are they going to be on? What color is their uniform going to be? Are they going to have their friends on their teams?? Well this year I'm afraid is starting to look a bit disappointing already. Maybe I'm just being "ageist", but Jessica's coaches are OLD. On the phone the coach told me he was retired. And that his buddy was retired. So I'm thinking someone that's about my dad's age and mobility. These guys are at least 65 if not older. I can see them trying to field balls and then breaking a hip in the gopher holes. I know, I'm bad. I shouldn't think this way. But..

The one coach is telling us how he coached track. Grew up playing stick ball. Go out and throw the ball off a building and go get it. UM yeah this is a VERY COMPETIVE girls fastpitch softball. Most of these girls have been playing since they were 4 or 5. I think when these guys took this job they were thinking this is going to be fun. Let's get together and coach some little girls, teach them how to throw a ball lol. I think they are in for a HUGE suprise. I'm just hoping they don't turn out to be like the bad news bears!Pin It

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