Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Boooorrrreedd

Does this remind you of your kids on summer vacation? I seriously don't know WHY we have so many toys and HOW they got all over the floor because there is definitly no one playing with them.

Well maybe Trevor. He spends a lot of time playing Legos and building things out of stuff I try to throw in the garbage can. I know it's cool to recycle but what the hell am I supposed to do with these large "artwork" things he makes all over my house?

Melissa is the official Queen of Boredom. That is when she is home anyways. She has spend most of the summer at her friend's house. She'll be home for 5 minutes and be "soooo bored". And hungry. The kid is ALWAYS HUNGRY. She's probably grown a foot since they got out of school.

Jessica has spent half the summer at her friend's house also. Her friend's mom keeps paying her for cleaning their house. Which is cool for her but I'm wondering if she thinks we are totally poor people or something. My kid has turned into her hired help.

Have I mentioned that my house looks like a bomb went off? TOMORROW we will clean it. ALL OF US. If it kills me us.Pin It


JennyMac said...

When I was little, I told my mom I was bored. The first time she said "then go clean the garage". That curbed it. The second time she told me "Creative and smart kids don't get bored." I was obstinate so I thought I WILL SHOW HER. She tricked me. And it worked. NICE. It won't work on my son I am sure.

~Sheila~ said...

When the kids come to me and tell me that they are bored, I also tell them to clean or take a nap.
(of course, I will always throw a nap in there as an

They don't tell me they are bored anymore.

Chris H said...

My two kids are thankfully back at at school today... but I am amazed to say they never ONCE said they were bored during their 2 week holiday!

honkeie said...

My summers as a kid made up of me getting on my bike the momment the sun came up and riding about until the sun went down. I bet half the kids these days dont even know how to ride a bike if it isnt on an XboX game!

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