Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Working Woman

Does anyone else get grossed out by the whole "work bathroom"? Today as I was sitting there on the throne looking at the neverending stack of toilet paper and paper towels I was thinking how gross it is that everyone (well almost there are hardly any guys there) that I work with has sat on that toilet probably at least once in the day.


So today was potluck day. Everything went fine. Hardly anyone ate my dish though :( Oh well more for me. We were sitting there at the big ole table and the cranky woman that works in the other department came and shut the door because the "beans were really getting to her".


I already got caught looking at non work related sites on the internet. The big boss walked in and I had google reader pulled up and was looking at a blog.


My "new little boss" barely remembers the big earthquake of 88. She was probably like 4 or something. Seriously if I put my oldest kid next to her you would probably thing that my "kid" was older than my boss.


It was actually kind of funny today. I could over hear her on the phone. She was calling her mom. Apparently she forgot to bring a dish for the pot luck and she was calling her mom to please make something up real quick and bring it to her. Then she was being picky about what she wanted her mom to bring.

::she's the one that brought the beans::

I can hear the toilet flushing on the other side of the wall at my current desk.


BUT I don't have to get up to help customers at the front desk (since I'm in the back) AND I don't have to listen to cranky all day since she sits up front and I don't.

Now I remember why people say TGIF. It's only for those "working folks".Pin It


Chris H said...

Yep, I'm so glad I'm a kept woman !

Mary~Momathon said...

I hope they pay you well!

~Sheila~ said... got busted reading blogs. Did they tell you anything? You better get that addiction under control while you are at work. I, on the other hand, have internet on my phone so in between patients, I can just park and read.
Rarely do I get a chance to do it but the chance is still there to brag about!!

Julie H said...

No he didn't say anything but I know he saw it. I quickly distracted him lol.

honkeie said...

We have 2 bathrooms where I work. The corporate bathroom and the plant worker bathroom. I refuse to use the plant worker bathroom, it is the worst nasties bathroom ever. And it isnt just the men that cannt clean up after themselves. It just boggles my mimd that these people wont keep their bathroom clean. hell I bet they drop a deuce at work more than they do at home but refuse to flush or clean up after themselves.

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