Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Somethings should maybe not be DIY

When Scott and I first met and started dating his hair was a little long and shaggy. That wasn't really a big issue since it was the early 90's and we were young. When it started to get REALLY long he decided it was time to go see his mom. Why? Because his mom cut his hair.

So we trek over to his mom's house and she pulls out her hair cutting kit. Which consisited of a bunch of pieces of cardboard that were measured out in 1", 2", etc pieces. When I saw that I looked on in horror and thought WTF seriously??? Who cuts their hair by holding up pieces of cardboard?? Do they know Supercuts will cut your hair for like $8 or something (back then).

Anyhow, she cuts around his head and eventually she's done. I think that was the last time she cut his hair because I was laughing at him so hard.

The next time he needed a hair cut he wanted me to cut it. I cut it a few times, not really knowing what I was doing. Until the day I really fucked it up and he went to work and everyone laughed at him.

He wore a hat for awhile and then started going to Supercuts to get his hair cut.

So fast forward a few years and my friend gives me some hair cutting clippers to use for Trevor. "It's easy" she says. Well I didn't really believe her so they sat in the drawer forever.

Until last night. Trevor's hair was getting so long and we just haven't had the time to stop in to get his clipper cut. We were talking about the clippers and he said he wanted me to do it.

So I did.

I was about half way into it and he tells me "I look like an idot!".


It really wasn't that bad though. I might even be able to get the hang of it with a little practice.

And if I get some cardboard I can measure to make sure it's all even....

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Grand Pooba said...

Bahahaha! I'm still laughing over your husband having his mom cut his hair!! LOL

Trevor's hair looks fine! At least from what I can see from the pics ;o)

marmee said...

thanks for visiting my blog.
i am a hair cutting mom...been doing it for eons. just cut one of my sons thick curly hair last night.
it just takes practise(all the boys in the family.)
just keep wacking away til it looks good.
happy april.

Chris H said...

Trevor's hair looks fine! I used to cut everyone's hair ... using clippers for the boys and scissors for the girls. Now.. I can't be bothered!

honkeie said...

haha, my wife cuts mine but I go with the number zero trimmer and shave it all off. Shave me 20 bucks!

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