Monday, April 26, 2010

What a fun weekend!

Friday  was mostly a party day at work. It was the last day for one of my co-workers. She's been here for quite awhile so there was a big good bye party and pot luck. It was a lot of fun!

After work I picked up the kids and we went over to Jessica's softball game. It was over by where I grew up and my mom & brother's houses. After the game we went and hung out at my brother's house for awhile so the kids could play and I ended up not getting home until around midnight!

Saturday morning we had to get up early to go to Trevor's t-ball game. When we got back I took the kids and went down to the annual car show that they have out where I live. We spent all day down there. I have a nice farmer tan sunburn to prove it.

I need the taxi sign on the top of this car!

My favorite

                                               Trevor posing (he's not really leaning on the car)

Eventually everyone was worn out so they went home and I came back to hang out with my friend some more. I think that's the most I've hung out with non family members in a long time. It was a lot of fun and whew a few good stories to tell!

Sunday I was just going to clean house but then my brother invited us to come over to swim and have dinner. The whole family came over and we had a nice time hanging out although the water was pretty cold so the kids didn't stay in the pool for very long! We didn't stay too late because Jessica's friend had to be home at 8. We got home and I was in bed at 9!

We were all up nice and early and ready to go this morning. It was so odd for a Monday morning!

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Chris H said...

Seems you had a lovely weekend, this is good!
Those old cars are neat...

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